Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

Hosea. Gomer. Nahum. Habakkuk. Interesting names, interesting people. Even though they were from 2,500 years ago, they were a lot like we are today. They each have their own differing stories and yet our awesome, unchanging God ties them all together.  What did these minor prophets have to say about having a daily, living relationship with God? What did they say that is pertinent to our modern world? Classes begin September 9th. 


Hosts: Handleys, Joneses

Rm 13

Young Families

Hosts: Mays, Richardsons

Rm 15

Middle-High School Years

Hosts: Deals, Taylors

Rm 14

Single Adults

Hosts: McGee, Alexander

Rm 16

Empty Nesters

Hosts: Scotts

Rm 11

Adult 1

Hosts: Eastlands, Liermans, Munns

Rm 17

Adult 2

Hosts: Wilsons, Morgans

Rm 102/G11

Wednesday Nights

Supper Club (Starts September 12)

Room 101, 5:30 - 7 pm

Join us each Wednesday night for dinner. Come hang out, eat and enjoy the fellowship.

Singing Class
Chuck Munoz, Room 11, 7 pm
Come enjoy an evening of worship while learning the various parts of songs, both new and old. 

General Adult
Dwight Sowle, Room 102, 7 pm, (Aug 29 - Oct 3)
"The Unseen World: A Study of Angels"
Who are these intriguing, powerful warriors and servants of God the Bible calls angels? As believers, we know they exist; and we’ve always wanted to know more about them; and now you can.  

Women in the Word
Room 13, 7 pm
"In God We Trust"

Through daily Bible study, shared discussion and summary lecture learn how to face uncertainty by trusting in God.

Christian Sisters Connection
Pam McGee/Carole Jones/Patty Mascorro
Room 16*, 6:30 pm
Join a group of loving committed Christian Sisters gathering for prayer, devotionals, and support. A safe place to share your joys, struggles, and fears and provides an amazing opportunity to receive and give love, support, and encouragement.  *Meets every FIRST Wednesday in room 16 and every THIRD Wednesday off-site.

Women’s Class
Marian Starks, Room 14, 7 pm
What subject were Paul and Jude concerned with while writing books in the New Testament? Come find the answer to this question and more! A study on 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, and Jude. 

Men’s Class
Mike Warner, Room 15, 7 pm
“For Men Only"
A very informal setting for discussing the major issues of scripture, life and faith.