Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

Mike Warner- Grow Old Along with me, the Best is Yet to Be (Rm 102)

Challenges, blessings and opportunities await us as we age in Christ. Come walk alongside one another as we discover how to make this time in our lives the best it can be.

Gary Albritton-  Threads (Rm 15)

Have you ever noticed a thread hanging out on your shirt? You want to fix it, so you pull it- only to make it worse. That one thread was woven into the entire garment when it was made from start to finish. That's exactly like the Bible. It is filled with long threads that run from start to finish. How do you find these threads, and maybe more importantly, once you've found one, what do you do with it?

Matt Duren-  The Roots of Disconnect (Rm 11)

Weeding the garden isn't fun, but it's a necessary chore that leaves the landscape better looking than before. If you're going to weed, you have to pay attention to dig down to the roots. We all know roots left in the ground give birth to just another weed. Come, dig deep into your own heart to find greater connection with God.

Burke Brack- A Calling from God (Rm 17)

Learn about the life of Abraham and how his decisions and consequences relate to our everyday lives. This is a class to motivate and encourage you for the week ahead. Look forward to seeing you!

sundays @ 6:00                                 Wednesdays @ 7:00

June 2nd                                                                        June 5th

     eGroups                                                                             Worship Night

9th                                                                         June 12th

     Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?                                    Scripture Discussions

June 16th                                                                       June 19th

     No Class                                                                             Evening of Guided Prayer

June 23rd                                                                       June 26th

     eGroups                                                                             Intergenerational Night

June 30th

     VBS No night service