Sunday Mornings

The Master Teacher used stories to share spiritual insights with ordinary events in the lives of 1st century people. Whether Jesus was preaching, teaching, or telling stories - his concern was that people would hear, see, and understand. Put your ears on, and join us at 10:30 each Sunday morning during Bible class. 

Hosts: Handleys, Joneses
Rm 16

Young Families
Hosts: Mays, Richardsons
Rm 15

Middle-High School Years

Hosts: Deals, Taylors
Rm 14

Empty Nesters
Hosts: Scotts
Rm 11

Adult 1
Hosts: Eastlands, Liermans, Munns
Rm 17

Adult 2
Hosts: Wilsons, Morgans
Rm 102

wednesday nights

Supper Club

Room 101, 5:30 - 6:30

Join us each Wednesday night for dinner. Come hang out, eat and enjoy the fellowship.

Singing Class

Chuck Munoz, Room 11, 7 pm

This is a worship and teaching class, open to all. It is a great chance to learn new songs and the different parts. The class also functions as a devotional time with old and new songs. 

General Adult

Dwight Sowle, Room 102, 7 pm

"From Dream to Destiny" 

Using the example of Joseph in the Old Testament, we will show how God gave Joseph a dream and then promptly took him through character-building tests. Get ready to begin fulfilling the destiny that God has in store for you. 

Women’s Class

Cathy Hesterley, Room 103, 7 pm

Vision Board Bible Study

Come and explore new directions as to who God molded you to be. 

Men’s Class

Mike Warner, Room 15, 7 pm

“David the Man: All Man - All God's" 

We will study different aspects of David's life as it relates to men today. 

Women in the Word

Room 13, 7 pm

"Spiritual Detox: Journey of Forgiveness" 

Daily time in His word, weekly discussion groups and a summary lecture will equip us on our journey toward healthy, forgiving hearts. 

Women’s Class

Marian Starks, Room 14, 7 pm

Our study of Matthew will be presented as if we were Jews searching for the truth about this man who claimed he was the Messiah. 

Single Ladies

Pam McGee, Room 16, 6:30 pm

This supportive class offers women encouragement, compassion, Bible study, opportunities to share wisdom, and more.