Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

David Litton- Prayer Lab (Rm 13)

You've studied it your whole life, now put into practice all that you've learned about prayer. 

Sherry Luckett-  Mothers Praying for Adult Sons (Women Only, Rm 11)

Moms connecting to support one another and pray for our adult sons in the midst of their searches and struggles. We will be navigating through the book, "Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children" by Jodie Berndt. Books are available to purchase.

Lafe Caton-  Evolution: Fact or Fiction (Rm 16)

Why are 2/3rds of our young people leaving the church? How does American culture impact our church? Using research gathered from 2000 through 2010 we can shed light on the effects evolution has on the church and why we need to be concerned. Members of all ages will benefit from this study so come join us.

Dwight Sowle - The Study of Angels (Rm 17)

Who are these intriguing, powerful warriors and servants of God the Bible calls angels? As believers, we know they exist, and we’ve always wanted to know more about them. Now you can!

Marshall May - Heat Me Up, Lord!  (Rm 102)

Have you ever struggled with feeling “blah” or apathetic about your faith? Jesus called the church in Laodicea lukewarm, disgusting to Him. We will define and discuss the pervasive problem and explore solutions.

sundays @ 6:00  and Wednesdays @ 7:00  

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