Sunday Mornings

What warnings did the author of Hebrews feel compelled to convey? How do these passages speak to the 21st century? Are they important to us? Join us this Spring as we partner with Gary in his sermon series to focus on the book of Hebrews. Let's bring our attention to the cautionary truths highlighted in His Word. 

Young Adults & College

Hosts: Handleys, Joneses

Rm 16

Young Families

Hosts: Mays, Richardsons

Rm 15

Middle-High School Years

Hosts: Deals, Taylors, Bazzells

Rm 14

Empty Nesters

Hosts: Scotts

Rm 11

Adult 1

Hosts: Eastlands, Liermans, Munns

Rm 17

Adult 2

Hosts: Wilsons, Morgans

Rm 102

wednesday nights

Supper Club
Room 101, 5:30-6:30
Join us each Wednesday night for dinner. Come hang out, eat and enjoy the fellowship.

Worship Nights
Auditorium, 7 pm
For the month of March we will be having a special time of worship on Wednesdays in the auditorium. We hope you will join us as we praise God through reading, prayer, and song.