mentee faqs

Who can be a mentee?

Any woman of any age from any walk of life.

Who are our WOW mentors?

A WOW mentor is a baptized believer, has attended Shiloh Road Church of Christ for at least 6 months and has attended the WOW mentoring training program. Our WOW mentors have a firm understanding that this is an “organic” or mentee-driven “on-demand” program where you- the mentee, are in charge of your own experience. Our mentors understand confidentiality and will not judge you, they will not counsel you or try and fix you. They will listen to you and offer their wisdom or advice if asked. They simply want to share their life experiences and how they used their faith to walk through their season of life.

How do I find a WOW mentor?

Mentor profiles are available on our website and include a short bio, season of life and hobbies/interests. You are welcome to reach out and contact anyone that you feel could be a good fit for you to share in your season of life. You may also reach out to Jennifer Smith for a complete list as some mentors are not on the website. 

How do I connect with a WOW mentor?

The ball is in your court! You may contact them via the information submitted on the website, thru CCB or ask a mentor for a calling card. We have supplied all our WOW mentors with these cards so you may simply ask a mentor for their card and call/text/email at your convenience. 

Once I have made a connection, what is my commitment?

There is no commitment! Our WOW program is designed to meet your needs. This may look like a single conversation/meeting or you may choose to meet for the duration of your season. This is for you to decide and between you and your mentor. Don’t worry - our WOW mentors understand that you may need to ask a specific question on a specific issue or meet regularly! 

What if I meet with a WOW mentor and I don’t feel like I “clicked” with her?

Our WOW mentors understand personality attraction and that sometimes it does not work out. Simply reach out to another mentor that you feel would be a better fit - no questions asked!

May I choose more than one WOW mentor?

Yes! Many women have multiple mentors that each serve a specific season. You are welcome to pursue as many mentors to meet your needs. 

May I be a mentee and a mentor?

Yes! We all experience seasons of life and need our Christian sisters to lead by faith. 

For all other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Smith or Laura Fidone.