mentor faqs

Who may be a WOW Mentor?

Any woman who wishes to encourage another by sharing their seasons of life while leaning on their faith. We ask our WOW mentor to be a baptized believer who is also a member of Shiloh Road for a minimum of 6 months and she attend our WOW mentor training workshop. 

I have participated in other mentoring programs, why do I need to attend the WOW training workshop?

As many ladies have previously participated in mentoring programs, our WOW program is different as it has been uniquely crafted as a mentee driven “on-demand” style mentoring. Simply put, we place mentees in charge of their mentoring experience- they decide who they want to walk with them, how they would like to connect and when. Once training is complete, we will issue your calling cards and add your profile to the website. 

Why must I be a member for 6 months to participate?

Our mentees want to reach out to someone they have shared a connection on some level. As a new member, it will be important to establish those connections with others so they may get to know you and know your life experience. 

When may I attend a WOW mentoring workshop?

The next WOW mentoring workshop will be held in the Spring of 2018. We will keep all ladies posted so those wishing to participate may attend!

What is my commitment?

The WOW program does not have a start/end date as this will be an ongoing mentee-driven program with no scheduled meetings so we only ask that you be present and available to our mentees. This includes actively participating in events that involve mentees so they may get to know you and your season(s) of life. 

What if I, as a WOW mentor, need advice while working with a mentee?

At our initial WOW mentoring workshop, we introduced our WOW Advisory Board. They are listed at the bottom of the mentor profile list for your convenience. While you as a mentor may not divulge confidential information (as discussed in our training workshop), from time to time, you may need to ask questions like: “Should I have said that?” or “Should I follow up with a phone call or text?” This Board is available to support you!

May I be a WOW mentor and a mentee?

Yes! We all experience seasons of life and need our Christian sisters to lead by faith. 

For all other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Smith or Laura Fidone.