Shiloh Student



Shiloh Student Ministry desires to come alongside parents and help develop authentic relationships with Christ and members of the faith community. We would like our students to become people who demonstrate their faith by growing, leading, and serving.

What we do

Below, you'll see some of the events we do throughout the year. We would love for you to join us for any or all of these events:

  • Wilderness Trek

    Wilderness Trek is a summer adventure camp for teens fourteen years old through graduated seniors. This is like no other camp you have ever been to! Hike some of the tallest mountains in Colorado while you grow closer to God and each other. It's a fantastic experience that everyone should have once.

  • Summer Camp

    Every summer camp is a little different and a lot the same, but they are all special. Spending a week away from home with friends while purposefully dedicating time to God is awesome. This is a time of intense community, fellowship, study, and fun! It might not always look the same or be in the same place, but God always shows up to help us know Him better!