conference childcare

FREE childcare for kids ages 0 - 5th grade is provided for each session of our conference. Register below!

childcare curriculum

Children will be learning from curriculum based off of the Disney-Pixar film Inside Out! From this curriculum, children will learn how to process emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, joy, and love in healthy ways. They will learn that their emotions are not bad in themselves; but, there are wrong ways to act on them. Each emotion is paired with a Biblical example of acting on emotions in a Christ-like way. Click here to see our Children's Schedule of Events!

Emotions - Bible Story Connections:

  • Joy - Birth of Jesus
  • Joy - Prodigal Son
  • Sadness - Death of Lazarus
  • Anger - Jesus in the Temple
  • Fear - Jesus Calms the Storm
  • Love - Perfume Poured on Jesus' Feet